Prototyping & testing

Forward thinking and innovation in digital labelling.

Our development and testing capabilities support your brand development with label prototyping and technical validation.

Labelling is an extension of your brand. Consumers engage with your packaging, make purchase decisions and find communication about your brand and products. Its quality and functionality influence the consumer experience, which is why prototyping and validation are important processes in the label development journey for brand enhancement and protection.


Our prototyping technologies enable more informed decisions during the development process.

Digital print, with no originations, provides the opportunity to print multiple designs so label variations can be reviewed. The impact of inks, varnishes and embellishments can also be explored for maximum consumer appeal.

Our digital cutting technology supports the development process in identifying the required shape and size of your label. By cutting self-adhesive labels in alternative dimensions, you are able to apply labels to your products and trial variations for the optimal shape and size.


Our onsite testing facility provides technical validation that your label has the required performance attributes. Using climate ovens, humidity cabinets and exact temperature fridges and freezers, we are able to create a realistic environment to test your labels. We test label compatibility to validate adhesion of inks, varnishes and foils to the face of the label and final product adhesion, delivering technical approval and confidence in maximum on shelf appeal and functionality.