Hayley Walker recognised with Rising Star Award

Here at Amberley Labels, we’re passionate about print.

Here at Amberley Labels, we’re passionate about print, and that’s why we’re very proud of our employees recognised with Rising Star Awards by The Printing Charity. Revealed as a 2021 Rising Star, Hayley Walker, Area Sales Manager, received an award to support her career development with sales management training. Hayley has now completed the course and in this interview, provides insight into the award and her career in the print industry.

“I am thrilled to have been awarded a Rising Star Award to invest in my career progression, with the course I have chosen educating me with the knowledge I need to advance my role in the future. It’s also great that Amberley have supported my ambition for growth within the company.”

Hayley Walker

What’s involved in your role at Amberley Labels and what do you enjoy the most?

Growing sales within existing accounts, whilst always looking for new business in new accounts. I really enjoy working closely with beauty and cosmetics brands helping them build and/or expand their brand with the labels we produce.


What motivated you to apply for a Rising Star Award?

My MD, David Richards made me aware of the awards as he has previously done some work with The Printing Charity. After researching more into the awards and seeing how others had benefitted, I could also see how they could benefit me in my future career path.


What was your reaction when you discovered you had received the Rising Star Award?

I was absolutely thrilled to have won the award! I knew there were a lot of entries so wasn’t expecting to win, and it was great to then find out my colleagues had also won awards too.


Why did you choose to apply for a sales management course?

I really wanted to start laying the foundations for my future career and had been thinking for a while I would like to move into sales management; this course seemed the perfect first step for my progression.


What was involved in the two-day sales management course?

The course was an online one-to-one session with an experienced trainer. We had a set training schedule of topics to cover and also time for me to ask any specific questions or advice I needed. I had to send information about Amberley prior to the training to ensure the training was specific to our industry, which was great.


How will the Rising Star funding support your career?

The awards not only gave me the funding to further my career, but they gave me the kickstart
I needed to decide where I want to go with my career. It’s given me direction and focus on my next goal.


Do you have advice for anyone thinking about a career in print industry?

I would strongly advise anyone to join the print industry! It’s an industry I fell into when I was 18 and I’ve never looked back! It’s a great industry to work in and there’s definitely a reason why so many people stay in the industry for so long.


Congratulations Hayley! Discover more about opportunities with The Printing Charity here.