Amberley’s Jack Sanger is a Rising Star 2022

Amberley’s Jack Sanger is a Rising Star 2022! Jack, QA Administrator at our site in Blandford, Dorset, has received a Rising Star Award by the Printing Charity in developing practical skills to support his career progression.

The Rising Star Awards recognise the best young talent in the British print industry, and we are very proud of Jack’s achievement.

Jack plans to use his award funding on four courses to expand his skills and expertise in root cause analysis, quality assurance, business writing (level 4) and Excel. Find out more in this Q&A with Jack:


Congratulations on being a 2022 Rising Star! What was your reaction when you discovered the news?

I was shocked yet at the same time delighted to hear the news following the hard work I have put into the preparation of the entire application process. It certainly does feel rewarding.

How did you find out about the Printing Charity Rising Star Awards?

I found out about the Printing Charity’s Rising Star Awards around April/May 2021 when I first applied, however at the time I did not have enough background behind me to support my application. This didn’t stop my determination for re-applying this year.


How will this support your career?

Since progressing fully into quality assurance in January 2022, the courses I have chosen are very specific towards my role. I have always wanted to boost my knowledge within Excel and the course I have chosen will certainly help me progress further with that. The more quality focussed courses will help me build the deeper knowledge and understanding of the processes we follow. For me, this is a vital element to my growth, not as a person, but as someone who is extremely career driven.


What do you enjoy about your role and working in the print industry?

I really enjoy the team element and focus towards producing high quality labels throughout all the jobs that we produce. The constant demand of work also really helps keeping the mind active and challenging my skill set to provide the best outcomes.


Do you have any advice for people considering applying in the future?

I think for anyone looking to apply it’s always worth checking that you know what you want to get out of the print industry and where you want to progress up to. The first year I didn’t know what courses to do and compiled them with no structure. The next time I applied, I 100% knew the courses I wanted and needed to give me those building blocks to take the next leap up.


Congratulations Jack, and good luck with your courses! Interested in joining Amberley’s award-winning team and taking your career to the next level? Take a look at our opportunities here.