Amberley’s Hannah Reynard is a Rising Star

Congratulations to Hannah Reynard, Amberley’s Estée Lauder Account Manager, who was presented a Rising Star Award 2021 by The Printing Charity.

Congratulations to Hannah Reynard, Amberley’s Estée Lauder Account Manager, who was presented a Rising Star Award 2021 by The Printing Charity. Supporting her career development now and in the future, Hannah has received a grant for several courses including mental health in the workplace, team leader and business development training. Hannah recently started the courses and shares what she hopes to achieve from Rising Star Award in this interview.

“I am very grateful to The Printing Charity for presenting me with a Rising Star Award. It’s a fantastic opportunity to develop my leadership and management skillset enabling me to progress my career at Amberley and within the print industry.”

Hannah Reynard

What’s involved in your role at Amberley Labels?

I work with the developers at the various Estée Brands on their new products to ensure that the labels are suitable for application both technically and aesthetically. My role enables me to work closely with all the departments at Amberley Blandford and offer the clients more sustainable materials and trial a variety of embellishments to create a premium product for their brand. It’s a challenging role with some tight project timelines to get them ready for launch. However, I find it extremely rewarding when you see the finished product in shops at the end of it!


What motivated you to apply for Rising Star Award by The Printing Charity?

I thought it was a great opportunity to expand my skills for my current role but hopefully develop and acquire new skills to allow me to make the jump to a more senior and managerial role in the future.


Why did you choose to apply for your chosen courses?

Mental health and the importance of wellbeing are prevalent, and I feel that further knowledge on this will be helpful for when I start to manage a team. Additionally, developing sales skills and understanding business and commercials aspects further enable me to offer suggestions now I am part of Amberley’s Operations Team.


What was your reaction when you discovered you had received the Rising Star Award?

I was very surprised to receive the award and over the moon that my application for all the courses had been granted.


What has been involved in the courses you are completing?

Most of these courses involve online learning with questions at the end of each module. It’s been enjoyable so far and I’m looking to dedicate more time to finish them early 2022. The BPIF courses are online workshops and hopefully will involve talking to other delegates and learning from their experiences too.


How will receiving Rising Star funding support your career?

Not only will completing the courses have developed my skills, but I am also now part of the Rising Stars Alumni, which opens a network of other award winners, mentors and print industry contacts. Unfortunately, due to COVID we were unable to have an awards ceremony in person, however, I hope to meet some of the Rising Star network in the future.


Do you have advice for anyone thinking about a career in print industry?

The print industry is massive with so many roles in different departments. I believe that there is a career in print for anyone varying from office roles (customer service or sales) to production or logistics. I would recommend joining. I started in the print industry in 2014 and won’t be leaving any time soon.


Congratulations, Hannah! Discover more about opportunities with the Printing Charity here.