Amberley teams up with Pimperne Primary School for No Waste Week

As part of the Coveris Group, Amberley Labels took part in the company’s first No Waste Week.

As part of the Coveris Group, Amberley Labels took part in the company’s first No Waste Week. Supporting Coveris’ vision for No Waste, the Group launched a new annual sustainability week for employees to take part in environmental themed projects, activities and community action.

Amberley Labels in Blandford Forum teamed up with Pimperne Primary School in the local community to start a range of environmental and garden projects within the school grounds. During No Waste Week the Amberley team:

  • Filled old tyres in the school nursery with top-soil and compost, ready for the children to learn to plant flowers and food
  • Built three brand new raised bedding areas, each dedicated for a different purpose:
    • Sensory space: This will support children learn about sight, touch and smell, whilst developing an environment for insects
    • Herb garden: Children will plant herbs and both children and parents will be encouraged to eat the herbs as part of healthy meals
    • Wildflower protection, growing and replanting
  • Tasked the children with an art project to design posters to help protect wildflowers in the school grounds. Amberley has transformed the designs into signs that will be displayed around school.

David Richards, Amberley Labels Blandford Managing Director, said, “It was really exciting to get involved with Coveris’ first No Waste Week, an opportunity for us to make a positive environmental difference in the local community. Thanks to Year 5 teacher Sophie Tatham at Pimperne Primary School for helping us organise an amazing garden project in the school grounds to create a sensory space, engage children in growing plants, flowers and food, and even test their creativity with a poster design task to help protect wildflowers. The Amberley Labels team in Blandford really enjoyed No Waste Week with Pimperne Primary School and we look forward to working with the school in the future.”

The Amberley Labels team is now planning a return to Pimperne Primary School in spring 2022 to support with planting as the next part of the No Waste Week project.

Coveris launched its sustainability strategy in January 2021 built around a vision of No Waste - no product waste, no packaging waste and no operational waste. Find out more here.