Amberley has two Label of the Year finalists in the prestigious UK Packaging Awards

Amberley Labels has two finalists in this year’s UK Packaging Awards in the prestigious Label of the Year category.

Our labels for iconic brand Martin Miller’s Gin, the world’s first super premium gin, are intricate and beautifully embellished. The label design and decorative print bring to life branding representing Martin Miller’s Gin’s two motherlands, England and Iceland.

From madness to genius, the labels for Martin Miller’s Gin Original and botanically inspired Summerful and Winterful distillations were shared with the UK Packaging Awards judges.

Innovative inside and out, we love the labels Amberley produces for Jellyfish Gin.

The founders of Jellyfish Gin were inspired by Cornwall's colour changing coastal jellyfish and infusion pockets of dried botanicals allow customisable colour and taste. Perfectly capturing the brand story from product to packaging, we used DIGITAL METAL® print technology to create different colour metallic jellyfish for three label variations within the same batch.

The UK Packaging Awards ceremony is hosted at London’s Grosvenor House on Wednesday 19th November 2022.

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