Multi-page Labels

Multi-page labels combine visual impact with functional application to provide a compact and interactive communication vehicle for extended text, safety and promotional applications.

Providing the optimal label solution for extended communication, including multi language, MSDS and promotional applications, multi-page labels offer an efficient compact solution that doesn’t compromise space, overall pack size and brand.

Available in a variety of formats including peel and reseal/reveal/read, coupons and booklets, our multi-page options range from 2 to 10 pages, available in a wide range of constructs, shapes, sizes and finishes to maximise versatility and on-pack presence.

Multi-page formats:

  • Peel and reseal/reveal/read labels
  • 2-4 layer bonded coupons, printable up to 5 faces
  • Laminated booklet constructs with 4-10 fold-out panels

Multi-page label options:

  • Removable layers for coupon redemption
  • Multi-open options including tear-away perforation
  • Internal foiling options
  • Integrated barcode print
  • Smart coding with unique, random and sequential alphanumerical encryptions
  • Wide range of constructs, including; single, roll folds & concertinas
  • Reclosable function for repeat use
  • Bespoke shapes, finishes and adhesive fixtures
  • Large format variants available for bottles, containers & curved surfaces
  • Labels to suit application method
  • Technical expertise to support construction & design